Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The times are changing...

and I’m starting to like where they are taking me.

A lot has changed within the past month - a have lost, gained and have had fun, but most importantly I have started to actually find myself. At the beginning of the year I made a very hard decision on my part, but I knew in the end it would both better him and myself, which I think we are starting to see now with the time spent apart.

Recently I have gathered a group of friends and its a ritual to hang out as much as we can. I have met a lot of amazing people and I am glad they are all in “my group”. All of them love life and what it has to offer, they give back and follow their passions. Each individual I surround myself with lately has brought me up in ways I never expected or imagined... It’s funny what new friends can do for yourself and your surroundings.

I have started to gain a more passion for music, and I can thank my new group of friends for this. Each of them is musically talented in their own way, and they are helping me find my talent so one day I can have a passion just like they do. Connor, my new friend, definitely takes the time to help me and appreciate my efforts. I now know how to play the drums (in some ways), some what of the guitar, and my inner diva has been released with my vocals. Maybe he is right, maybe I can become something I have never expected.

Some stuff has happened with my relationships within the last week - with not only my parents and friendships, but myself. Im going through a change, and I don’t think it will be hard. I have support and my new friends, who are helping me along the way. I guess things really do happen for a reason.

Do you believe in fate? Because I do, and I’m excited to see where it brings me.

It's time for a new, pure life :]

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  1. 'new, pure life' is always a good thing to be striving for at any junction in life.

    I'm glad things are changing for the better for you!